Everything You need
In One Convenient Place

At the Black Mesa Travel Center, our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for everything you may need when you’re traveling on the road. Whether you need to pick up some necessities, stock up on supplies before you head back out on the road, or you want some souvenirs for the kids, the store at the Black Mesa Travel Center has just what you are looking for!

Grocery Store

Right off the interstate, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, sits Black Mesa Travel Center. We’re a local favorite, providing the essentials one might need while on their way to a destination — and for many, we are the destination! Combining convenience with entertainment, Black Mesa Travel Center offers travelers and locals alike a singular place to satisfy their wants and needs. Our fully equipped grocery store has everything you’re craving, such as chips, fruits, and veggies, as well as daily essentials like spices, flour, and even a dairy section. Other amenities offered include additional necessities, such as a gas station and smoke shop, and luxuries, like an award-winning restaurant, gift shop, and slot machines. Where Albuquerque and Santa Fe meet, is now where convenience and entertainment meet! Black Mesa Travel Center—unmatched convenience, unmatched entertainment, and unmatched experiences!

Smoke Shop

Our Smoke Shop is fully stocked with what you need and want!

Running low on cigarettes? Ran out of pipe tobacco? Want to celebrate that big slot win with some cigars? Visit our Smoke Shop!

Whatever your brand, and whether you smoke a pipe, cigars, or cigarettes, the Smoke Shop at the Black Mesa Travel Center has what you need.

Even if you’re all stocked up on smoke supplies, it’s worth the time to stop by and look. We have a wide selection of your favorite products and accessories, great prices, and, of course, a convenient location — found in the Black Mesa Travel Center!

Gift Shop

Whether you live many states away or just down the street, you’ll want a souvenir so you’ll always be reminded of the fun you had at the Black Mesa Casino!

Or, maybe you want to pick up a memento for that special someone, so they know you’ve been thinking about them. The Gift Shop at the Black Mesa Travel Center has something for all ages and tastes, whether you need a gift for your grandson or your grandmother.

Pick up a gift for someone you love, or souvenir for yourself that you just can’t resist. We have a great selection of fun, unique, and charming gifts waiting for you!

Endless Amenities
Unmatched Convenience